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With all the social distancing and restrictions, it may be overwhelming to organize your events. ‘Feel Free’ we got you. From wedding ceremonies, business seminars, fashion shows, promotion events, anniversaries, and more. We have got professionals to plan and organize smooth, classic, and enjoyable.


Transportation seems to be sophisticated at this time. However, we have got a team with experience and efficient service provision to arrange your transport and move you securely. We arrange all your transport needs from Locals, tourists, and passengers.

Phone services

Communication has become essential as information becomes one of the most valuable resources. You do not need to miss a thing. We help you get connected to the mobile network in all ways you need.

Car Rentals

To move effectively, you need the comfortability of your choice. We have different kinds of cars available ranging from coasters to small cars with knowledgeable and skilled professionals to help you. Choose your preference from self-driving or be given a skilled and experienced driver.

Cleaning and maid services

Hygiene is crucial, especially in these unusual times. You don’t have to carry a burden on your- from clothes washing, home cleaning, or home chores help, we have trained maids and cleaners to help you look bright.

Personal shopping

At this time, time is more important than ever however, you need to shop for tomorrow. You don’t have to skip work or reschedule that important appointment-- reach to us and we bring your shopping to your doorstep. You can order at our e-commerce ZaNiStore or write to us and we get you what you want safe and punctual.

Apartment/houses recommendation

We promise you won’t sleep on the couch! We partner with the best luxurious and affordable apartments and house owners with suitable accommodations. We offer recommendations and assist in getting you a well your-level apartment or house to reside in.

Travel Coordination

From the beginning of the year to busy holiday months, we help you schedule and coordinate your travels. We coordinate your individual, groups, and professional, or business travels.

Translation guides

Traveling is an incredible experience but, more fun when you understand everything being communicated at your travel destination. We provide language translators who are qualified and skilled in languages like Kinyarwanda, English, French, and Swahili.

Grocery shopping

Let’s help you get rid of heavy sucks weights on your shoulder! Send us-- We have networks with different well-accredited grocery shops, give us your list and we bring you your favorites with high quality and healthy.

Airport transfers

You don’t have to be lost at the airport. More than ever, your airport transfers should be safe and healthy with all restrictions followed. We arrange airport pick-ups and drop-offs safe, reliable, and secure at affordable prices.

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