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Our Story

A person and a place are made by so many things. All of which deserve to be seen and thoroughly told. History is no different. On his return to Rwanda, our founder (A Rwandan Canadian) wanted to learn more about cultural sites, understand the history of Rwanda, and immerse himself in everything he heard from his Rwandan grandparents.

Yet, he could not find tours that specialize in an authentic cultural experience. He realized that there is a need for tours for unique cultural experiences.

Despite Africa’s rich history, culture, and traditions, the gap to tell these stories authentically still stands. That is where we come in. We bring a solution on our hands for the matter at hand.

Our company name ZaNiheza combines three words in Kinyarwanda Murakaza Neza (Welcome) and Niheza (it’s beautiful).

In 2019, ZaNiheza was launched in Vancouver, Canada.

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Our Mission

Connecting Travellers with Local Experience Curators who offer immersive, fun, and authentic travel experiences.  

Our Vision

To be the world’s unparalleled immersive experience platform. 


Our Supporters

We are proudly supported by North America’s leading startup incubator programs

Meet Our Team

Charles Shima
Founder & CEO

Originally from Rwanda, Charles moved to Canada at age 19. He has lived in Vancouver, Canada for 20 years. He returned to Rwanda after in 2018, after an absence of 24 years. 

In 2019, he founded ZaNiheza with an aim of connecting travellers with immersive experiences. Charles is a passionate founder who has bootsrapped ZaNiheza until today. The journey has not been easy as ZaNiheza was launched in February 2020 shortly before the pandemic. 

During his spare time, Charles enjoy reading books, swimming and travelling. 


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