Looking for a destination off the beaten path? A relative newcomer to the African tourism scene, Angola offers wild, untapped beauty for the entrepreneurial-spirited. This country is a mosaic of varied climates and landscapes, with tropical rainforests, dry cool plateaus, arid deserts, and a spectacular 1650 km coastline boasting pristine beaches and various water adventures. Experience a sense of unworldliness as you wander among the 50+ abandoned vessels on Shipwreck Beach. Step back into the past as you admire the prehistoric paintings and engravings at Tchitundu-Hulu, and explore the town of Mbanza Kongo, the political and spiritual capital during the 500-year reign of the Kingdom of Kongo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Portuguese colonial influences are clearly evident in its cuisine and architectural marvels, such as the Fortaleza de São Miguel, a self-contained fort and a major outlet during the slave trade.