Our founder caught the bug of doing tours in his childhood.

He says: “From an early age, my passion has always been to share my culture with people from all over the world. Each opportunity I got, I grabbed it by the sleeves. I have always been curious about other cultures as well. This has led me to travel to Japan, Canada, the USA, Kenya, Rwanda, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, and many others. One country that inspires me the most is Japan. While it is a technologically advanced country, Japanese people remain fiercely proud of their culture and they share it in a way that will get you to extend your stay.”

Our experiences will show Africa in ways that have never been done before. starting with Rwanda – our country. Our packages will do that and the timing could not be better.

Rwanda has invested a lot of resources in the tourism sector. The campaign “Visit Rwanda” where Rwanda Development Board partners with soccer teams in Europe is a living testament.

We aim to bring experiences to life in a way that is your heart’s desire.


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