The weight of history is ever-present in this dynamic country formerly known as the Gold Coast.  From remnants of proud kingdoms past, to the thought-provoking colonial architecture of the infamous trans-Atlantic slave trade, Ghana blends rich historic relics with welcome modern amenities for a visitor’s delight.  The preservation of arts and cultures are on display as you wander artisan villages watching kente weavers at work, or try your hand at palm wine tapping.  Savour a birds-eye view of the rainforest on the 333-m long canopy walkway at Kakum National Park.  Travel by dugout canoe to Nzulezu, a 400 year old village built entirely on stilts on Lake Tadane.  Whether an adventure-seeker, a laidback beachgoer, or anything in between, Ghana has something for everyone.


Source: Visit Ghana

The Country Map


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