In the eyes of all Rwandans, 2020 was an awaited year because it was a year for which the famous 2020 vision was expected to be achieved. By 2020, the vision was to transform Rwanda into a middle-income country.

Measuring the impact of that agenda, countless achievements and promises were delivered. Rwanda became an international meeting host, hence accelerating the tourism sector and creating more opportunities. According to World Bank, Rwanda is becoming one of Africa’s leading business tourism destinations In 2019, Kigali city was ranked Africa’s 2nd most popular conference destination by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

View of Kigali City

With the pandemic that came in the early beginning of 2020, Rwanda like other countries had no other choice but to opt in to close borders and set up restrictions and preventive measures. On the 29th of March 2020, Rwanda closed the borders and all flights travel as well as closure of all business but those that offered essential needs. This, introduced a total lockdown, leaving a painful pimple on the hearts of already ticket booked travelers and those who wanted to visit the amazing thousand hills. In the meantime, as the Covid-19 numbers rose most of the events, travels, and flights were postponed.

Among the events that were expected for 2020, including the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit which was postponed in 2021 June 21st. The ongoing pandemic poses a lot of threats and challenges to the preplanned event in the tourism sector but, since the reopening of borders and flight travels Rwanda still receives a number of tourists exploring the country. With preventive measures and restrictions to ensure the safety of tourists, local people, and everyone involved, Rwanda makes it to be among the top tourism destinations in 2021.