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Chief of Staff


There are stories that we are told, places that we see, and people that we meet, that tug on the cords of our hearts and mind and never let us go. This is a wish to many. Where else to get those experiences in abundance than in tourism? Cultural tourism, to be exact, that touches on all aspects of life is but a genie that will bring your wish to life. ZaNiheza will give you that, all of that. As it gave it to me.


Chief Technology officer


When I joined ZaNiheza, I was wondering how cultural tourism can be done alongside technology. Here at ZaNiheza, we figured out our secret; It is a passion that blends with skills. Your eyes too deserve such an authentic, fun, and informative technological-advanced tour in Rwanda. Come and enjoy... Murakaza neza/You are welcome.


Finance Administrator

Jane Deborah KAMPIRE

Rwanda, oooh Rwanda. You have seen days of agony and darkness but look at you now. You have risen above all and shone. Being defined by the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 hardly gives you justice. You have so many stories to tell, your culture. A culture that unifies Rwandans and connects us to the whole Rwanda. One culture. One beautiful culture. I aim to be the one who unfolds it.


Finance administration Assistant


When I joined ZaNiheza, I did not know what to expect. It sounded like an exciting idea considering the growth and expansion of the tourism sector in Rwanda, so I joined. As time passes by, I gradually figure out why I am here. I am here to learn about my culture, to tell my culture, and to live my culture. Now that I know my purpose… there is no where else I would rather be.


Sales Department

Jean de Dieu Mabubu HAGENIMANA

Rwanda is a safe country, a welcoming home to foreigners, and a beautiful land of thousand hills. Growing up here has helped shape my attitude and passion for the tourism industry. I am passionate about giving foreigners a taste of their own Rwandan life. ZaNiheza would like to make it even more favorable for you through experiencing our culture when you visit Rwanda. You will perhaps not wish to go back home but it will be worth it… are you having doubts? Book your visit now and you will tell me later.


Visual Art Department


Coming soon.