Travel Marketplaces comparison: ZaNiheza vs. Klook vs. GetYourGuide

ZaNiheza, GetYourGuide and Klook are both online platforms that allow users to book tours, activities, and experiences in various destinations around the world. While they share some similarities, there are […]

Top 10 Cleanest Airports in the World 2023

Did you know that 4 out 10 cleanest airport are in one country? 8 out 10 are on the same continent!

What Is Experiential Travel?

Experiential travel is a form of travel that focuses on immersing oneself in the local culture and engaging in authentic experiences that allow for a deeper understanding and appreciation of […]

The Future Of Travel Booking Has Arrived

On March 23rd, 2023, it was announced that Expedia and Kayay have been given early access to a CHATGPT plugin. According the news release, OpenAI will uses plugins to “study […]

Doing Remarkable Kigali as a local

Many of us, whether traveling for business or leisure, want to meet real people and discover real places. It’s easy to get cocooned in the Marriott Hotel, shuttling around in […]