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The Land Of Thousand Hills Awaits You

We will make your stay in Rwanda during AWIEF memorable

ZaNiheza was founded on the ideal that one comes to Rwanda/Africa for Gorillas and stays for the rest. We offer cultural, culinary, heritage, beach and horticulture experinces in Rwanda and beyond.

To understand what drives us, we would recommend a quick read on our story.


About Rwanda

Located in East Africa, Rwanda is landlocked country known for it’s stunning beauty, warm, amd friendly people. 

Time: GMT +2

Languages: Kinyarwanda, English, French

Currency: Rwandan Francs (Frw)

Population: 13 million

Telecoms: MTN and AIRTEL


MTN and Airtel are Rwanda’s telecommunications providers. They successfully provide internet between four data network speeds: GPRS, 3G, 4G, and 5G.


SIM cards for cell phones can be accessed with ease. Note that by Rwandan legislation, every user/buyer must be registered to activate the SIM, and it is easy to do. Upon arrival, one would be required to present a form of identity of one’s preference (ID card or passport). At the point of purchase, visitors can register.


Plastic bags are not permitted in Rwanda as part of an environmental policy. Plastic bags must be discarded by passengers entering Kigali International Airport (KIA) or any border checkpoint. Travelers are given a cost-effective, ecologically friendly alternative.


Monday through Friday, public offices are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and business hours are typically 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m but can go over till midnight.

Most bars and hotels work 24/7.


The lengthy dry season in Rwanda lasts from the end of June to the end of August. The average daily maximum temperature is roughly 23°C (79°F), with temperatures infrequently falling below 23°C (75°F) or surpassing 28°C (83°F).

The average low temperature at night is 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). Kigali is a secure, hygienic, and competitive contemporary city with a thriving economy.



We are offering a special discount to AWIEF delegates who select inclusive packages (Experience/Activities, Transportation and/or Accomodation)

Destination Ideas

Kigali Yacu

Kigali, Rwanda

Sura Ahandi Rusizi

Jet To Rwanda

Sura Ahandi Kinigi

Experience Kimironko Market

2023-09-28 10:17:31

Coffee Experience


2023-09-28 10:17:31

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Car Rental


Your Questions, Answered!

What is the mode of transportation in Rwanda?

Most locals use motocycle to get around. It is faster. Generally using a motorcycle is safe however you can use it at our own risks.

There are taxis and local buses (not popular with travellers)

Are your experiences customizable?

We can customized our experiences to fit reasonable needs. For example, hotels, car rental, number of days, etc. Contact us to discuss.

Why are you offering a discount on the inclusive packages

We work with suppliers to deliver exceptional experiences. With a bundle package that includes our services, we can offer a discont. If you purchase a self-guided activity, only our supply can offer a discount.

We do however ensure you that you getting competitive rates as we have a relationship with our suppliers.

Why should I book with ZaNiheza?

Peace of mind! As a delegate, your time is tight. We would like you to enjoy more of AWIEF conference and let us take care of your pre/post conference fun.
Our founder attends conferences regularly, he understands what it takes to ensure one has time to explore the host city.


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