About Us

Company overview

ZaNiheza is a travel technology company that aims to enrich travel to Africa by offering innovative, cultural and authentic experiences.


We strive to offer the best customer service, above normal standards, and beyond any expectations.


To be the world's unparalleled cultural experience platform.



We are fiercely committed to achieving our goals with our suppliers, customers and employers.


We deliver on our promises all the time.


We treat each other, our partners and customers with dignity.

Why choose ZaNiheza

ZaNiheza means Murakaza Neza (Welcome) & Niheza (It’s beautiful).


Our experiences are authentic and immersive. We designed our travel experiences to connect you with locals and traditions.


We spend countless hours learning and gaining information on the market we serve. Our dedication to gaining local insights sets us apart.

Excellent Customer Service

We are at your service. This is a no-brainer. We are passionate about what we do. We provide a bar none customer service. An everlasting happiness is what you feel.

Our promise

Immersive Travel Experiences

Going on a safari is the most popular reason to discover Africa. Yet Africa has many cultures and traditions that have much to offer.

Seamless booking

Our booking tool is powered by Bokun - A Tripadvisor Company. The intuitive design and security measures ensure that your booking experience is secure and seamless.